Working Abroad and Volunteering

Working Abroad and Volunteering

Sooner or later, most every vagabond settles down somewhere, but that doesn’t have to mean staying where you were born. Millions of people are working abroad or volunteering abroad in another country. Here are some resources for people who want to find a job overseas, for pay or as a volunteer.

Finding a way to make a living in a foreign country is not as easy as just looking on and sending in your resumé or c.v. Your best bet is to look locally, after you’ve set up residence. Here’s a good article on the subject: To Work Abroad Successfully, Put Down Roots.

That article is from Transitions Abroad magazine, one of the best online destinations for those who want to live and work abroad. Escape Artist is also a good site.

There are some dedicated job sites for foreign job seekers is kind of a Craigslist for expats. Members place ads for home exchanges, services, and yes–jobs. Anywork Anywhere is a recruitment site for those who want to work abroad, especially in seasonal jobs such as fruit picking, ski resort jobs, and au pair positions. Also try the jobs board at the gap year site GapYear. Or pony up a small subscription fee to access international development jobs at Foreign Careers. Two people trying this together may have the best luck at The Working Travelwebsite is a UK-based searchable database of travel related opportunities.

For short-term seasonal jobs, go to CoolWorks.comSummerJobs,BackdoorJobs, or ResortJobs. lists hundreds of seasonal jobs for both winter and summer.

There are plenty of sites on the web devoted to teaching English abroad, but the original portal is still the best: Dave’s ESL Cafe. You can also find a great county-by-country rundown at this portal.

For a volunteer abroad position, you’re almost always going to pay something out of your own pocket unless you have specific skills that are in high demand locally. The volunteer positions at the  here won’t take you for an expensive ride, however.

A large resource of international volunteer opportunities and other volunteer information for people over 50 can be found at Over50andOverseas.

If you’re serious about starting a new life overseas, at least for a while, then invest in a couple of good books. They’ll save you a lot of time and hassle and get you going in the right direction. Here are a few that are reliable and useful.