Travel Websites

Travel Websites

There are thousands and thousands of travel websites out there, but the ones that are truly helpful are not so numerous. We’ve gathered the best travel resource pages here, places where you can go to look up travel information, where you can plan your trip, and where you can ask questions. We’ve also thrown in a few travel narrative sites so you can see what other people experienced on their journeys.


Travel Resource Sites – The Heavy Hitters

If you want to be an informed, smart traveler, these sites should be bookmarked on your computer. They are reliable, informative, and time-tested. 

BootsnAll Travel – Not the easiest site to get around, but mostly because it’s so sprawling. A good message board, a zillion articles, and some quality blogs.
Budget Travel Online – The site connected to the magazine, with loads of great tips and how-to articles. Also see advocate site – The guidebook company’s website is a great resource for tips, plus it’s message board is the best upscale alternative to Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree.JohnnyJet – Links to just about anything a traveler could need.

LonelyPlanet – Country overviews, real-time updates, and the best travel message boards on the web.

Moon Travel Guides – Good country overviews for pre-planning, including maps and suggested itineraries.

Planeta – The best resource for responsible tourism and eco-tourism

Transitions Abroad – Incredibly throrough site with articles on being somewhere else: working, studying, living abroad, and traveling independently.Brave New Traveler and Vagabondish – Are they blogs? Are they online magazines? Are they crammed with advice? A little of all that.World’s Cheapest Destinations – A comprehensive guide to international travel on a budget.