Travel News

Travel News

With the right technology tweaks, it is much easier these days to keep up on current travel news. If you set up a RSS reader of some kind (through MyYahoo, Google Reader, Bloglines, Firefox, or others), you can pick your travel news sources and have the headlines show up in one place. The ones below all support this function, as do most travel blogs.

The key is to get a rounded picture and pull from a variety of sources. The best places for background depth are magazines that truly cover international news, especially The Economist, The Week, The International Herald Tribune, or the good UK newspapers. Here are some good travel web sites for advice and current updates.

Travel News Sources

The BBC and The Economist provide international news and travel coverage that is more than simplistic sound bites.

The following make most or all of their travel content available without registration on the Internet and the info ranges from “quite useful” to “Isn’t this an ad?” Pick and choose what you can use.

USA Today
The Guardian
Budget Travel magazine
CNN Travel

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We’ve got a separate page for Travel Blogs, but some of them are actually better news sources than the big boys, especially these:
Consumer Traveler
Hotel Chatter
Hotel Scoop
Smarter Travel 
Cheapest Destinations blog.