Travel Magazines

Travel Magazines


Unfortunately, there are not nearly as many good travel magazines out there as there used to be, at least for those not on a Rolex and Prada budget. Here are travel publications that care more about the joy of discovery than they do about keeping up with the Joneses.

Published in Toronto, with a Canadian perspective. Was always great, but is now hands down the best travel magazine in North America for thinking, independent travelers. Insightful and culturally sensitive writing, with a view from the ground, not from the Four Seasons balcony.

 Budget Travel 
Offers information about traveling on a budget as well as budget travel deals.

National Geographic Travel
This high-circulation magazine still slips into “isn’t this place luxurious?!” drooling mode now and then, but it at least makes an attempt to keep the focus on travel. Unlike its jewelry-ad-filled competitors, it is not afraid to run stories on places where there are no five-star hotels and it employs a lot of experienced writers and book authors who have been there, done that on every continent. It’s sister pub, N.G. Adventure, has gone belly-up unfortunately.

This UK magazine is a great find if you can get a Europe-bound friend to pick it up or you live near a magazine store that carries imports. Literate travel articles, great travel book reviews, and beautiful photography, but all the while still remembering that most travelers aren’t living off $500 a day.

This magazine had the cajones to launch during the worst recession the print magazine industry had ever witnessed, so the fact it’s still around is reason enough to celebrate. This is a fine publication with real stories about real travel, not just top-10 lists and consumerism. Covers places the usual glossies won’t touch.

International Living
This publishing company is relentless about trying to upsell you and cross-sell you on all their various products, so be prepared for loads of junk mail, but it’s still the best resource around for anyone who wants to retire overseas or live abroad for an extended period.

These are all print publications. For great value travel web sites, click on the link.