Insider Travel Tips

Let’s be real: if you want true “insider travel tips” from an expert, in most cases you’re going to need to pay for them. Otherwise they’re free and open to the public and are not “insider” anymore. So you buy a good travel book, you subscribe to a newsletter, or you download a report to learn more than the masses about where you are going or what you’re doing when you get there. There are some advertising-supported freebies out there (take this web site for instance), so those are listed below as well.

Insider Travel Tips for a Fee

Most of the valuable tips in printed form have been around since the newsletter days. The Internet hasn’t killed them off because they have a reputation for delivering what you can’t find elsewhere.

International Living for advice on moving/living abroad.

Andrew Harper’s Hideaway Report for lesser-known hotels that are special.

TravelSmart for well, traveling smart–plus an honest view of the industry.

Transitions Abroad magazine for living/working/studying abroad.

International Travel News for the lowdown on intl. group tours.

LuxuryEscapes gives insider tips on scoring deluxe travel for less. and International Living both offer very specific country reports and e-books written by expatriate locals in the region.