Living Abroad and Expatriate Resources

Living Abroad and Expatriate Resources


Any region with a sizable expatriate community is going to have a local website geared to info exchange, expat job postings, and community events. Or even a print paper or magazine in the larger cities. So do some search engine digging if you’re interested in a specific location. Otherwise, try these more general resources for living abroad or being an expatriate.

Want to find out about the cheapest places to live–or at least which ones are a good value? International Living has been around for 20 years and though mostly geared to retirees, it has some great articles about what life is like living overseas, with plenty of real prices. There’s an annual subscription fee, but the depth of info they offer is unparalleled.

Escape Artist is more irreverent and the articles are free. There are lots of expat articles from all over the world though, regardless of value, so it’s broader in scope and is searchable. They put out a sister publication,

If you’re interested in a specific country, both publications sell detailed reports that give you the low-down from an expat’s perspective–well worth the price as they’ll save you lots of hassles down the road.

Transitions Abroad magazine broadly focuses on everything from study abroad to responsible travel, but every issue there are plenty of articles about living in a foreign culture. Their Living Abroad by Country rundown is a goldmine.

British Expat gives the lowdown for those who aren’t looking to sever ties with home. Expat Exchange is a slick portal with loads of great information and essays on the meaning of it all. Tales from a Small Planet is geared toward those on state department postings or other official business. is kind of a Craigslist for expats. Members place ads for jobs, home exchanges, or other services.

For resources on getting a job overseas or studying abroad, go to this other page.