Dining & Food

Dining & Food


As stressed in Make Your Travel Dollars Worth a Fortune, the best way to find out about good restaurants and market stalls where you’re going is to ask around. Ask the people who live or work nearby where they like to go eat lunch. Ask people who work at your hotel where they would go for a nice dinner. Ask other travelers who have been there a few days which places are great and which eateries were disappointing. Above all, avoid the tourist traps! That’s a sure way to be disappointed in your meal.

There are places to get an advance look at the restaurant scene where you are going. Serendipity works out best, but if you are a planner, try these dining sites for places to try.

Chowhound is all about food. Chances are, no matter where you are going, someone on this site will have a recommendation for you. If you’re serious about your food, this is a good place to start.

The Zagat Guides are always useful if you’re going to be spending a good amount of time in one place. If you’re not, sign up with their online service and access reviews from different places.

Epicurious.com features content from Bon Apetit and Gourmet magazines, so go here for upper crust info.


Gayot is the oft-misinterpreted name of a site meant to be “a serious, honest and professional resource on dining and travel for an international readership in search of the best.” Plenty of food and wine info for various destinations.There are lots of travel message boards out there, but most are unreliable when it comes to food. If finding a good diner or meat-and-three gets you jazzed up, check out RoadFood.com.

In the U.S., city sites can be useful. Check out CitySearchGusto, and others you can find by doing a search.

Slow Food celebrates the joy of eating fresh food, in season, close to the source. Lots of recommendations and good links. Vegetarians should check out Vegetarians Abroad, or the Vegetarian Resource Group. Or go all the way with Vegetarian Vacations.

To stay kosher, check out the database at Shamash.