Welcome to all those who travel a different path, those who score the best vacation deals by being a contrarian traveler. This is the resource site connected to the following award-winning travel book:

Make Your Travel Dollars Worth a Fortune
The Contrarian Traveler’s Guide to Getting More for Less

by Tim Leffel

  • Save a huge amount of cash by being a contrarian traveler!
  • Find out how to avoid the tourist traps!
  • Find the travel deals that aren’t listed on the big booking sites!
  • Let the best travel bargains come to you!

The Contrarian Traveler is a resource site for those looking to travel well without spending their life savings in the process. The travel deals resources listed here are an extensive collection of tools to help you travel better for less money. The point is to cover the bases and make sure that no matter what your travel or holiday plans, you will be able to find the best vacation bargains and the best ways to save money on every holiday trip.

This site gives specific advice and links on different contrarian travel topics. To find a more organized and free-flowing resource for scoring the best travel bargains, go get the book.

Here are the chapters:

Why the Words “Travel” and “Expensive” are So IntertwinedContrarian Destinations

Timing and Seasons

Flight Deals and Market Forces

Contrarian Lodging

Contrarian DiningContrarian Ground Transportation

Souvenir Shopping

Reservations About Reservations

Contrarian Living: Blurring Travel and Life