The wanderer’s star must have been shining on the day I was born in Los Angeles, CA.   My dad was a career navy man and my mother a born nomad.   All of the extensive travel in my childhood was domestic as WWII was raging but the seed for international rambling was there.  Reading was my favorite pastime – travel and adventure my favorite subjects.    My service in the army  found me in Okinawa for six-months and in Japan for a year-and-a-half.  When I returned from the service an army buddy of mine and I drove an old Chevv  from Los Angeles to Mexico City to attend Mexico CityCollege on the G.I. Bill.  Personal reasons took me back home early and my subsequent marriage, a new family and earning a living occupied my life.   But I never lost the desire for travel and service.  In 1991, already over 50, I joined the Peace Corps.  My Peace Corps service in Guatemala in 1991-92 led to work as a United Nations Volunteer in the first elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina after the Bosnian War.  I have since volunteered on 16 other international elections. A particular highlight of my international work was managing camps for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in 2002 in Herat, Afghanistan.  Development work in Kandahar, Afghanistan also stands out.  I have travelled to 53 countries in total.  In the U.S. I have worked with FEMA as a reservist for the past ten years and have worked on most of the major domestic disasters; currently in a disaster survivor assistance management capacity. I continue to both travel and volunteer internationally.  As a writer my work has appeared in Transitions Abroad, The Orange County Register, Pakistan Link, Peace Corps Online, International Travel News and various other online and print publications.